斯洛伐克 Slovakia

面積: 49,034 km2

人口: 543萬人
首都: 布拉提斯拉瓦
語言: 斯洛伐克語
使用貨幣: 歐元






Good Idea to know about Slovakia. In this country, you will discover hundreds of unexpected curiosities and secrets in almost every village or a small town, in the mountains and valleys. It is Slovakia where you can feel as a real explorer who is always able to discover something new.

Slovaks are emotional nation, generous, but also touchy. We experience our joys, successes, disappointments and sorrows with emotions. We are sincere, friendly, open, hearty, generous. We differ this way from our neighbouring nations.

Slovakia is a country of contrasts. It changes right in front of your eyes, yet everything and everywhere is nearby. It just takes a couple of hours to get from the Danubian Lowland to the Central European Highlands, still bodies of water are just at a stone's throw from turbulent river rapids and along the way you can experience Folk crafts, costumes, music and dances that are passed on from one generation to another. 

So traveling to Slovakia is really a good Idea.